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Phone rings 5 times then hangs up

Power the phone on and then remove the battery (make sure you remove the battery with the phone powered on and make sure that the phone is not charging or plugged into a charger) Count to 10 (count to 10 out loud). Place the battery back into the phone; Power the phone on. (Now wait for the phone to turn on. If you wait for 5 minutes more than.

Sometimes just sitting there is only does one ring and stops, I'll pick up the phone and it still showa I have a call coming in but there is no sound. 07-20-2010 09:30 PM. Like 0. 1,299 ... What you're suggesting is for when the phone only rings once and then voicemail kicks in right away giving you only a couple seconds to answer the call. 07-21-2010 11:15 AM. Like 0..

There you can watch a tour of your phone (including adjusting the ring volume), or find instructions in the phone manual. You can also contact our Customer Support team at (888) 345-5509 (888) 345-5509 , and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Re: Incoming calls ring once then cut out. So as long as the call tripped with a new phone, no filter direct into the test point you have proved as much as you can before the engineer arrives. I suspect the fault will be back out in the underground cable network, if this is the case there would be no charge. You may wish to stick to slow ring builds like 9926 if stability and support is a concern. At the same time I am running 10041 without issues, at least after fixing the network (known issue) and.

Most people who call you will hang up if the phone doesn't get answered after five or six rings. Hang up the handset. It may be what they set their answering machine to do. To activate and deactivate call diversion when your iPhone is busy, follow these steps: 1.

Appartently when somebody calls my phone it will ring through once then say I've hung up. I will then get a missed call. If the same person then rings back immediately my phone will ring through normally. No matter who it is calling the same thing happens. Has anybody encountered this problem before? Does anybody know how to fix it? Thanks . Mike.

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